Learn the Technique

Fundamentals of Z Cutting:

Michael Z. realized that the traditional hair cutting technique that is taught in “Beauty” schools and “Hair Academies” worldwide did not work. The standardized method that is still being taught is not designed for the individual client; it is designed for production line salons to get as many clients as possible in and out.

Hair can not be trained as it has no brain, is not a living thing and does not respond well to commands. Michael Z. decided that it would work better to allow the hair to do what it wants to do. When he realized that there must be a better way, he began to develop what is now called the Z-Cut, a revolutionary new approach in an industry that was stagnant.

The Z-Cut is Different from a Traditional Haircut Because it:

- tackles the cause, not the effect.
- removes problem areas from within
- reworks the weight distribution of the hair
- shapes the hair by removing only the necessary material to create balance in facial bone structure, profile and
- sculpts in light and air channels which create dimension, and the illusion of lift and density.
- frees hair to compliment the shape of the head and face, and to correct problems such as baldness, waves,
   clumps, and cowlicks as well as profiles, big noses, big heads, double chins, posture and more
- gives the client an easily self-styling design where the hair falls naturally into place
- eliminates the need for combs, brushes, rollers, curling irons and other tools formerly used to “fix” hair
- realizes that every head of hair is unique, and creates customized fit
No two Z cuts are alike but the results are always exceptional.
Z-Cuts are always performed on dry hair in its natural growth pattern using only a razor.

The Z Cut Has Advantages to Stylists and Salon Owners:

- less strenuous on the hands and wrists (carpal tunnel)
- more economical because of less supplies required (no more scissors, combs, perms, rollers, irons, etc.)
- less water usage (no hair washing)
- more sanitary (less tools = less mess)

Note to stylists: Hair that has to be “fixed” is broken! If you don’t have to “fix” your clients’ hair, neither do they! With a Z-Cut, life is better for us all.