Michael ZWho is Michael Z?

Michael Zuppardo is the owner of Planet Hair in Sarasota Florida, and inventor of the Z-Cut and Z-Color techniques. He has been in this industry for almost thirty years.

Michael Z. did hair shows and platform work for Clairol International. He has spent the last several years developing his unique style of sculpting and custom hair color.

Michael Z believes that the hairstyling techniques that are taught today are the same ones that have been taught for decades. ďIt doesnít make sense to just pull hair out away from the head and cut it in a straight line.

If you were designing a dress, you wouldnít just hang the material on a person and cut it straight across the bottom. I relate the hair to clothing because itís all material.

The material on your head can affect the perception of your facial bone structure, your profile and your posture.

Thatís why I developed the Z-Cut. Finally, a technique and philosophy that work, so you donít have to.Ē

Michael Zís goal is to teach his Z-Cut technique to hairstylists around the world so that their clients can look younger, thinner, sexier and healthier like his do.